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An Audio-Visual Exploration of India's Sacred Geography

Sacred Swastika Gallery


Since time immemorial, the swastika has been a symbol of spiritual power. Ancient artifacts featuring representations of the hooked cross have been found among the ruins of cultures spanning the globe. In modern times, we have countless examples of its continuous employment by Hindus, Jains, and Buddhists. In the West, it was highly regarded as a symbol of prosperity and good luck until very recent times, when it suffered from negative stigmatization due to its adoption by a particularly despised political regime.


We find the swastika being used by the African Ashanti, Ancient Romans & Greeks, Native American tribes, Jews, early Christians, European Pagans, and the Mayan & Aztec civilizations among other groups of people. With countless examples of the swastika’s employment by such a broad spectrum of humanity, any claims of it somehow belonging to one group of people or representing a single idea are clearly false. The swastika has never been the exclusive property of anyone, it is a human symbol.


It is with knowledge of the past and a view oriented toward the future that this gallery is humbly presented. My hope is that by sharing images of swastikas as I encounter them, some of the negative stigma surrounding this sacred symbol may be lifted. Allowing the swastika to be hijacked by extremists is not only a cruel disservice to the many people who have continuously used the swastika to represent the divine, but also a denial of our human heritage.


This gallery will not only be updated with photographs taken during trips to India, but also with images collected in the USA. Even in my home city of Philadelphia, I have seen many examples of the swastika used in the local architecture which predates WWII. Posting such images will not only serve to demonstrate the symbol’s ubiquity, but give me something fun to do when I cannot make pilgrimages to shakti piths.


Clicking on one of the thumbnail images below will enlarge it in carousel view, where you can then navigate through the gallery using the arrows located on the left and right sides of the display. Scrolling down while in carousel mode will allow you to read an accompanying description. If you wish to view a particular icon at its original upload size, a link to the bottom right of the display will allow you to do so.


The Sacred Swastika Gallery is lovingly dedicated to the Canadian artist ManWoman. As a young man with a growing interest in mysticism, I was profoundly inspired by his work to help redeem this ancient holy symbol. Thanks to his inspiration, I began to do what I could to educate people about the symbol and help in the healing process. This gallery is a natural extension of that desire. Those who are interested in learning more about ManWoman’s pioneering work and redemption of the swastika are kindly directed to his website:


Many people are choosing to embrace the swastika and reclaim it as a powerful symbol of the sacred. Are you one of them?




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    Great isgnhit. Relieved I’m on the same side as you.

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    When in a lake of blood x

    Drink x

    Think x

    Enjoy xxx

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