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An Audio-Visual Exploration of India's Sacred Geography




Kali Bhakti on the Web

Join the Kali Bhakti facebook group.

Visit the Kali Bhakti page on Bandcamp to download any of the audio recordings found here in a variety of formats and quality settings. Select any track you want, click the highlighted Buy Now tab, and enter ‘0’ for a free download. Enter a different amount and your donation will go toward maintaining the website.

The Kali Bhakti playlist on YouTube is an online repository for the original videos embedded on this website as well as others made while conducting my research. Bengali folk music and devotional songs that I upload to youtube are also shared here.



Hindu Temple Websites

Official website of the Tarapith Tara Ma Mandir in Birbhum, West Bengal

Created by a fellow Kali bhakta, this website serves as a useful pilgrim’s guide to the Kalighat Kali Mandir



Kali Temples Located in the USA

Washington Kali Temple, founded by the head priest of the Adyapith Mandir in Kolkata, West Bengal



Tantra and Goddess Worship

Homepage of the Shakti Sadhana Group, offering information, resources, and a knowledgable forum

Surplus of information on Tantra along with many textual translations

Message board and network for people interested in the shakti piths



Other Sites of Related Interest

Homepage of Manwoman, a pop artist who has dedicated his life to redeeming the sacred swastika





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