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An Audio-Visual Exploration of India's Sacred Geography



A collection of images depicting Kali and related goddesses that has been culled from miscellaneous sources. It is offered with the intent of not only providing a convenient internet darshan, but also serving an educational function. Since iconography is a dynamic and living visual language, we can learn more about the Mother Goddess through comparing and contrasting Her visual representations.


Clicking on one of the thumbnail images below will expand it in carousel view, where you can then navigate through the gallery using the arrows located on the left and right sides of the display. Scrolling down while in carousel mode will allow you to read an accompanying description. If you wish to view a particular icon at its original upload size, a link to the bottom right of the display will allow you to do so. This gallery will be updated semi-regularly with new information and iconography, in the hope of transforming it into a valuable resource for bhaktas, artists, and researchers. Downloading and sharing images of Kali is strongly encouraged.


If you would like to contribute to this gallery, please send your images to for consideration. When possible, full credit will be given to the original artists although with many of these images identifying their creators may not be possible.








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    I am trying to get a digital copy of the picture of Kali – 1st Row – Very left picture – It seems to be an old original with the orange flames. Could anyone direct me to someone that has information or a jpg that can be enlarged.


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    Thear pictur are first cllass .
    If u don’t mind i thnk
    But thear pictur some make nd modyfy.

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    Mr. Dip Raj Nath, The goal of this gallery is simply have an available online collection of images for those who might wish to view, or download, images of Kali and related goddesses. So they will vary greatly as I add to and update the gallery. JAY MA KALI

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    mira maa kali


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